Generally speaking Canberra’s climate is characterised by cold to very cold winters, when most of the rainfall occurs. Summers are warm to dry, with a high day to night temperature range and low humidity. For this reason, cooling in summer is important but not as important as heating in winter as Canberra is more so a cold climate.

There’s an exciting new standard of property evaluation in residential real estate that is being driven by consumers worried about rising energy bills and healthy living. Now a properties potential for ongoing affordability and comfort is being addressed by a new set of property features which are identified and verified by specialist real estate agents with the Liveability accreditation.

The CSIRO has identified these 17 Liveability Features that offer the potential for reduced running costs and increased comfort if used correctly by the occupant. These are called “The 17 Things”. Go to to find out more information. 

The plans and inclusions for your apartment include a number of these features identified by the LJ Hooker Project Marketing team such as; efficient instantaneous hot water systems, LED lighting, double glazed windows, communal veggie gardens, northern orientation, highest R values of insulation, high thermal mass structure, extensive use of native plants and established oak trees irrigated by an underground water tank of 20,000 litres, average EER of 7 (max 8), and walking distance from the light rail, which support you to create your best home – healthy, efficient, comfortable and connected to community.